Stress Less Wedding Planning

Planning your perfect wedding will be an exciting time, although stressful in the same respect. To help you to enjoy planning your wedding without getting too run down, we have created a list for planning with minimal stress!


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Would you have a Weekday Wedding?

In recent years weekday weddings have become increasingly more common. This is due to the savings that can be made, and is great for couples that dream of getting married on a specific date that is important to them.

In todays blog we are going to look at the pros and cons of having a weekday wedding, as well as tips for making your weekday wedding planning a breeze.

Photo credit: Save the date by David via Flickr
Photo credit Save the Date by David via Flickr CC

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Do’s and Don’ts for Destination Wedding Planning

No one ever said that planning a wedding was going to be easy and if you are thinking of getting married abroad, it is important to know what to expect on the day.

To help you out we have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for abroad wedding planning, to make sure that the lead up to your big day goes as smoothly as possible!

Photo credit: Destination Wedding by Carsten Schertzer via Flickr CC
Photo credit Destination Wedding by Carsten Schertzer via Flickr CC

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Wedding Planning Myths

When it comes down to planning your wedding, there will be no shortage of wedding myths that will try to dictate your big day. So in today’s blog we are going to look at 6 of the most popular wedding myths and unravel them, to ensure that you and your fiancé have the wedding of your dreams.

Myth No 1: You will have to invite certain people

Chairs by Jessica Fiess-Hill
Photo credit: Chairs by Jessica Fiess-Hill via Flickr CC

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Why Engagement Parties are a Great Idea

Photo credit: Party Time by Nana B Agyei
Photo credit: Nana B Agyei via Flickr CC

You’ve just got engaged? Congratulations!

Many couples decide to have an engagement party as it is a great way to announce your engagement to your loved ones, as well as allowing you and your new fiancé to let your hair down before the serious wedding planning commences!

Traditionally it is normally the bride’s parents who throw the engagement party for the couple. However anyone can throw an engagement party for you both, including yourselves!

Are engagement parties really essential? In todays blog we have scoured the web to find out why people decide to have engagement parties (apart from them being lots of fun of course!)

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Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Photo credit: Clry2
Photo credit: Clry2 via Photopin CC

In the early stages of your engagement you may wonder whether or not it is necessary to hire a wedding planner. It is known that brides and grooms sometimes feel that wedding planners are just an expensive extra for celebrities, and by having a wedding planner, they may have to limit themselves to specific vendors. Brides and Grooms may also worry that they will not have a say with the final decisions.

These are all common misconceptions that are regularly associated with wedding planners, so in todays blog we are going to list the benefits that a wedding planner can actually bring to your big day! Wedding planning can get overwhelming, so by considering hiring a wedding planner could save you a lot of stress!

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How to Find the Right Wedding Vendors

Photo credit: Eduardo Pavon
Photo credit: Eduardo Pavon via Flickr CC

Finding the right vendors for your wedding day can be a tricky process, especially as the vendors that you choose will ultimately be in control of making the vision of your big day a reality. It is important that you are able to have faith in your vendors and trust that they will deliver the quality service you have paid for.

Read on to find tips on finding your ideal vendors for your wedding!

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How to Plan the Perfect Guest List

Photo Credit: Mandolin Invitations
Photo credit: Mandolin Invitations via Photopin CC

It’s not surprising that most couples when asked will admit that choosing and managing their guest list was one of the most stressful parts of planning their wedding planning.

Are you dreaming of a low-key wedding with just close family and friends but your work colleagues have asked you if they are invited? Maybe your family are paying for your wedding and their guest list (mainly of people who you barely know) is tipping you over boiling point? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on to see tips on how to get your guest list under control.

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How to Find your Dream Wedding Dress

Photo credit: Francisco Osorio
Photo credit: Francisco Osorio via Flickr CC

Some brides have dreamed about the day that they will get married since they were little girls, while others have only started thinking about it since becoming engaged.

Nevertheless finding a dream wedding dress is often a top priority for women once they begin planning their wedding, but before you book yourself into the first appointment available at a bridal boutique read our tips on finding the wedding dress of your dreams.

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