How to Find an Incredible Photographer to Shoot your Wedding Day

Finding a photographer to shoot your wedding can be a daunting task, especially for camera shy couples. An ideal photographer should suit you and your fiancés personalities, style, budget, and be able to capture all of your memories that will last a lifetime. Sounds great right, so how do you go about finding this person?


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Wedding Day Keepsakes

As your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of you and your fiancés lives, you will undoubtedly want to keep those memories for years to come. Wedding keepsakes can be a beautiful way to preserve these memories and in today’s blog I am going to list some ideas on keepsakes.

Photo credit: Bouquet by TibbyGirl CC
Photo credit: Bouquet by TibbyGirl via Flickr CC

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Halloween Inspired Wedding Ideas

It’s finally October which means that Halloween is soon approaching. Growing up I have always loved Halloween and when the chance came to finding Halloween inspired wedding ideas I just couldn’t resist!

Orange and Black Theme

Photo Credit Wedding Bliss by EvelynGiggles
Photo credit Wedding Bliss by EvelynGiggles via Flickr CC

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Autumn Wedding Trends

Autumn has officially arrived, along with some lovely wedding trends in tow. If you are planning on having an autumn wedding check out the wedding trends we have spotted for a beautiful autumn themed event.

Dark Bouquets

Photo credit: The Bouquets by Brooke Raymond
Photo credit: The Bouquets by Brooke Raymond via Flickr CC

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10 Hen Party ideas

Hen Do’s are often considered a right of passage for brides to be, as well as a last chance for them to let their hair down before going from a Miss to a Mrs. Hen Do’s are normally an all female event, however there are no set rules and anyone can be invited who is close to the bride.

As long as the bride is doing something that makes her happy surrounded by the people that she loves most, you cannot go wrong with organising a hen do. In case you need some ideas though, we have listed 10 popular Hen Do ideas for your inspiration. Please note that although this guide is aimed at hen parties, it is not gender specific and could also be used for Stag parties.

Visit a Spa

Photo credit: Spa by Dennis Wong
Photo credit Spa by Dennis Wong via Flickr CC

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