What to do if you don’t want to hire your friend for your Wedding

As a recently engaged couple, you may find a friend or family member offer you their services for your upcoming wedding. For example making the cake or shooting the photography.

While this can be a lifesaver, especially for those on a tight budget, you may not feel comfortable using them as a vendor. This could be due to their lack of experience, vision or even that you would just prefer them to enjoy being a guest instead of a vendor.

Photo credit: Bridesmaids and Guest by Nicky Rowbottom via Flickr CC
Photo credit Bridesmaids and Guest by Nicky Rowbottom via Flickr CC

Whatever the reason, turning down a friend or family member can be hard. So what do you say to turn them down without them taking it to heart?

Make sure that you acknowledge what a lovely gesture it was for them to offer their services. Explain to them that you would much prefer them to enjoy the day without having to work. You may even find that your friend would prefer this but offered out of goodwill.

Won’t take no for an answer? Explain that you already have specific vendors in mind as you have already researched that specific area. If they still insist on helping out think if you can get their help with any other aspect of the wedding? If they wanted to make your cake, could they make something for the wedding rehearsal or the dessert table instead?

If all else fails be honest and apologetic. Explain that what they are offering is very gracious, but you just wouldn’t feel comfortable taking them up on their offer.