Would you have a Weekday Wedding?

In recent years weekday weddings have become increasingly more common. This is due to the savings that can be made, and is great for couples that dream of getting married on a specific date that is important to them.

In todays blog we are going to look at the pros and cons of having a weekday wedding, as well as tips for making your weekday wedding planning a breeze.

Photo credit: Save the date by David via Flickr
Photo credit Save the Date by David via Flickr CC


  • Weekday weddings are not as sought after as Saturdays, so you may find it easier to find available vendors.
  • Couples who work in sectors such as retail will most likely find it easier to book off a week day than a weekend.
  • Although it is most likely that some of your guests will need to book time off work, having your wedding as close to the weekend as possible will give them a long weekend to enjoy.
  • If you wanted an intimate wedding, choosing a weekday could be the perfect option for both you and your loved ones.


  • You will need to allow more time for travelling to your venue, especially during peak times where people will be travelling to and from work.
  • If you have children in your wedding party they may struggle to get the time off school. The same goes for anyone working within the education sector. You can however get around this by having your wedding during half term.
  • Guests who will need to travel to attend your wedding may have to take more than one day off work to do so. For some this will be fine, but others may not be able to get the time off work.
Photo credit: Wedding day by Micadew via Flickr
Photo credit Wedding day by Micadew via Flickr CC

Tips for making your weekday wedding go smoothly

  • Tell your guests your wedding plans as soon as possible, to allow them enough time to try and make arrangements.
  • Some of your guests may not be able to make the date you choose, weekday or weekend. This doesn’t mean that they love you any less, just that their personal circumstances are restricting this. If you have a few guests that are unable to come, why not arrange a party the following weekend so that they can still be a part of your wedding day celebrations?
  • If you are planning on having a weekday wedding because of the costs involved rather than the date, ask guests for availability before hand so that you can try to accommodate them.
  • With evening weddings, some guests may have to come straight from work. Try to take this into account when deciding on the dress code.
  • If you are having a destination wedding midweek, allow yourself a few days either side of the wedding to spend time with your loved ones.

No matter what date you decide to have your wedding, as long as you are getting married to the love of your life it will be perfect. Congratulations on your engagement!