How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

If you are thinking of having an eco friendly wedding, you are not alone. Green weddings can be a way to support local vendors and ethical traders.

Eco-friendly weddings are not always more expensive, nor do they have to compromise on style. So why not have the wedding day of your dreams and be conscious of your carbon footprint at the same time?

Below are some ways that you can make sure your wedding is eco friendly:

Burlap Love Banner by Maria Panayiotou via Flickr CC
Photo credit: Burlap Love Banner by Maria Panayiotou via Flickr CC


  • Wearing a vintage, pre-loved wedding gown is one way to make your wedding attire eco friendly. But did you know that there are also eco conscious gown designers out there that use sustainable materials?
  • Before you buy your wedding rings, make sure that your jewellers are green friendly. Do they use recycled gold?
  • Instead of using normal confetti, switch to the biodegradable type or use birdseed instead. Leaf confetti is also a great idea.

Shop Local

  • Use local vendors and support your local economy.
  • Have your ceremony and reception at the same location so that your guests can walk.

Paperless & Reusable

  • If you feel that you could go without paper invites, have a custom wedding website with all the details for your guests to use instead.
  • Instead of a guestbook, have your guests write their messages on stones instead. This not only saves paper, but you can also have them as a centrepiece in your home.

Organic and Fair Trade

  • Where possible, supply your guests with organic, fair-trade, local food. This will help support your local economy.
  • Wedding favours are one of things that often go to waste at weddings. Why not bake your guests something tasty, such as cookies wrapped in recyclable material, or even a pack of seeds? Or you could make a donation to a charity of your choice on behalf of your guests instead of favours.
Rose Petals by Annabel Farley via Flickr CC
Photo credit: Rose Petals by Annabel Farley via Flickr CC

The Honeymoon

  • Instead of going abroad this year why not have an eco honeymoon in the UK? You could stay in a Yurt or a boat and have your own adventure as a newly married couple.
  • Not your cup of tea? If you are travelling for your honeymoon destination, take the train instead of driving and cut down on fuel emissions.

The Great Outdoors

  • Having your wedding outdoors in the summer time, will save having to heat the venue and using electricity.


  • Instead of providing disposable cameras, ask your guests to bring their own digital ones. This way you can create an online photo album for all your guests to enjoy without printing every photo.
  • Choosing a local photographer instead of one that needs to travel, will also help to cut down on fuel emissions.