Wedding Day Keepsakes

As your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of you and your fiancés lives, you will undoubtedly want to keep those memories for years to come. Wedding keepsakes can be a beautiful way to preserve these memories and in today’s blog I am going to list some ideas on keepsakes.

Photo credit: Bouquet by TibbyGirl CC
Photo credit: Bouquet by TibbyGirl via Flickr CC

Drying Flowers

Wedding Bouquets are undeniably beautiful and can make a long lasting keepsake. There are many different ways to preserve a wedding bouquet, from pressing and framing a few of the flowers, to keeping the whole bouquet in a glass box.

Guest Book Stones

Instead of having a guestbook why not have stones that your guests can write on instead? You could then place these as a household decoration and read them whenever you wish!


If your wedding playlist means lot to you and your fiancé, make a CD of it and listen to it whenever you want to remember your wedding day.

Photo credit: Cutting the Cake by Pug Girl CC
Photo credit: Cutting the Cake by Pug Girl via Flickr CC

Wedding Cake

Some couples decide to keep the top layer of their wedding cake and freeze it to eat on their one-year wedding anniversary. However, it is important to make sure that your cake is freezable as some ingredients freeze better than others.

Photography & Videography

Photography and Videography are a beautiful way to remember your wedding day, and great vendors can take you back into that moment in time.