Wedding Planning Myths

When it comes down to planning your wedding, there will be no shortage of wedding myths that will try to dictate your big day. So in today’s blog we are going to look at 6 of the most popular wedding myths and unravel them, to ensure that you and your fiancé have the wedding of your dreams.

Myth No 1: You will have to invite certain people

Chairs by Jessica Fiess-Hill
Photo credit: Chairs by Jessica Fiess-Hill via Flickr CC

This one is always the trickiest as you never want to offend anyone by not inviting them to your big day, especially if they invited you to theirs. If you are unable to invite certain people who are expecting an invitation, be sure to let them know it was due to budget restrictions or venue size. This way you will keep the peace and hopefully not offend anyone.

Myth No 2: You need to stick to traditions

The rumours are true; you don’t have to wear a white wedding dress if you don’t want to! In fact coloured wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular and really make a statement. As for all other wedding traditions, if its not to you or your fiancés taste, do something different!

Myth No 3: DIY will make your wedding cheaper

DIY Wedding Bouquets by Maegan Tintari
Photo credit: DIY Wedding Bouquets by Maegan Tintari via Flickr CC

When searching for wedding inspiration, there is no doubt that you will come across mounds of DIY projects that you could use for your wedding. However, don’t be fooled by the claims that DIY is always the cheaper option. The time and effort DIY can take, as well as the items you will need to purchase can still take its toll on your wedding budget.

If you love the idea of DIY by all means do it, as it will make your day special to you. However if you are only considering it to save money, do your research to make sure it is in fact the cheapest option.

Myth No 4: You cannot have a male bridesmaid or a female usher

Have you ever heard of a groomsmaid or a bridesman? Nowadays brides and grooms do not need to stick to an all female or all male bridal party.  Anyone who is special to you and your finance can join in, so mix it up a bit!

Myth No 5: You have to take everyone’s advice about planning

Advice Cards by Michelle N
Photo credit: Advice Cards by Michelle N via Flickr CC

During your engagement you will probably have lots of people wanting to give you wedding advice and supply you with suggestions on how to make your day perfect, however don’t feel that you have to take it all on board. Your day is for you and your fiancé and you should do what makes you both happy. Thank the person with the suggestions by all means, but do not feel like you have to add aspects to your big day if they are not you.

Myth No 6: Every bride will cry when they have found ‘the dress’

If you feel that you have found the perfect wedding dress but are not overwhelmed with emotion don’t worry, as you are not alone. Not every bride will break down into tears when they find their perfect wedding dress and this is perfectly normal. If you love the dress that you have chosen and feel that it is the one you are probably right so get it!