Learn About the Wedding Planner for iPad’s Key Features

Our Wedding Planner for iPad app is full of features to help you and your fiancé get organised for your big day.

Todays blog will focus on the features within our app, to show you how we could help you to plan the wedding of your dreams.




Here you can personalise the app, adding both you and your fiancés names along with the date that you are getting married. As you get further into the wedding planning process you will be able to see the date of your wedding getting closer with the countdown feature, which just makes everything even more exciting!


Within the settings you can personalise Wedding Planner for iPad to really make it your own. You can choose one of the backgrounds already included, or add your own from your photo stream!

Colour Scheme

Get creative and try out different colours for your wedding colour theme. You can choose from our list of pre-populated colours or choose any colour from the colour picker tool. The possibilities are endless!



 Add your chosen vendors and track your expenditure.  Wedding Planner for iPad will also tell you how much you have left to pay.

Day Schedule

The day schedule feature will help your wedding party to keep your big day running smoothly. You can export and print copies of your wedding schedule to hand out to important members of your wedding party including your vendors, so everyone will know where they need to be and when.


 Budget Planner 

The budget will be one of the most important aspects of your wedding and keeping on track of it is a must. Within the budget planner you are able to specify your budget as well as how much you are allocating to each of your vendors. As you update your vendors your available budget will also update.

Seating Plans

Our stress busting seating planner will allow you to add tables and objects, rotate them and allocate guests straight from your guest list to specific seats. Unsure of your seating layout? No problem! You can also create multiple seating plans, just in case you wanted a few different options.


 Thank You’s

Keep a note of who sent you what gift after the wedding, so that when the time comes to sending thank you cards you will already have the information to hand.


If you see something that inspires you add a note of it! Our notes feature allows you to add text and photos straight from your photo stream!


 To-Do List

Keep a track of everything that you need to do in the run up to your wedding. List each task that you need to complete when you think of them and once they are completed you can tick them off! The to-do list is a great motivator tool and you will a feel great accomplishment seeing your to-do list get smaller and smaller!

Guest List

Here you keep track of all of your guests including: whether they are an evening or all day guest, their dietary requirements, whether they have RSVP’d.  You can also add additional guests and plus ones to specific guests.



For the app background, choose one of the backgrounds included with the app, or add your own straight from your photo stream!