Hidden Wedding Expenses

With the ever rising cost of Weddings, planning your perfect day can be a daunting task especially where the budget is concerned. So to help, we have listed the some of the most common hidden wedding expenses to ensure that you and your fiancé don’t get caught out when dealing with your budget.


Photo credit: Save the Dates by Emily May

With the excitement of ordering and sending your wedding invites, when you finally get to the post office the amount you will need to pay for postage may come as a shock. Make sure that you plan out how much you have to spend for stationary, including postage to ensure that you don’t go over budget.

Vendors Meals

This is one hidden expense that is often overlooked until the last minute, supplying meals for your vendors e.g. the photographer and the DJ. If your vendors are going to be at your wedding for a considerable amount of time then they will need feeding. Most caterers offer a cheaper option for vendors meals, so make sure you have this covered early on in the planning process.

Overtime costs

It is understandable that you will want your wedding to last as long as possible, however if you do require any of your vendors for longer than agreed, expect to pay for overtime costs.

Dress alterations

When purchasing your wedding dress you may need alterations. Depending on where you bought your dress, they may or may not offer alterations so make sure that you have included a estimate price for alterations into your wedding dress budget.

Cake cutting and corkage fees

Photo credit: Trisha Fawver
Photo credit Trisha Fawver via Flickr CC

Breakfast/ snacks for your bridesmaids and groomsmen

Most of your bridal party will be with you for the whole day of your wedding, especially the getting ready part so it is important that they are well fed. This will ensure that everyone has high energy levels for the entire day.

Unexpected guests

Unfortunately you may experience some unexpected guests on the day of your wedding. The key is to not let it ruin your day, instead make sure you are prepared and have a few extra seats just in case. Sometimes unexpected guests are unavoidable, however be clear on who is invited to your guests on your invites and this should solve any confusion.

The Guest List

Make sure that everyone invited to your wedding is there for a reason and not just to make up numbers. Your guest list will ultimately decide on how expensive your wedding will be and is one of the biggest costs, so don’t be afraid to not invite your neighbours sister you have only met once.


Wedding day extras such as favours, the guest book and decorations may not seem expensive when you are purchasing them, but when added together they can take a chunk out of your overall wedding budget. The best way around this is to account for everything in your budget so that you wont have any unwanted surprises.