Why Engagement Parties are a Great Idea

Photo credit: Party Time by Nana B Agyei
Photo credit: Nana B Agyei via Flickr CC

You’ve just got engaged? Congratulations!

Many couples decide to have an engagement party as it is a great way to announce your engagement to your loved ones, as well as allowing you and your new fiancé to let your hair down before the serious wedding planning commences!

Traditionally it is normally the bride’s parents who throw the engagement party for the couple. However anyone can throw an engagement party for you both, including yourselves!

Are engagement parties really essential? In todays blog we have scoured the web to find out why people decide to have engagement parties (apart from them being lots of fun of course!)

Reasons to have an Engagement Party

1. Although you and your partner may have been together for some time, some of your family who will be attending the wedding may have not had the pleasure of meeting your future spouse or other members of your wedding party. A party could be the perfect way to get all of the introductions out of the way before the big day!

2. Throwing an engagement party will allow both families to come together and get to know each other better. They will also soon be family after all!

3. If you decide to throw the engagement party yourselves, you and your fiancé can get an insight of what is involved in planning your big day.

4. You may want a small intimate wedding with a limited guest list, or have guests who are unable to attend your actual wedding day. Throwing an engagement party could allow you to add these people into the celebrations.

Photo credit: Allic's 1st birthday party by gomagoti
Photo credit: Gomagoti via Photopin CC

5. If you are having a long engagement, having an engagement party is a great way to start the celebrations early!

6. You and your future husband/wife will have the chance to play around with different themes for your engagement party that could spark inspiration for your big day.

7. If you would like to personally announce your engagement to all of your guests, throwing an engagement party could also be the perfect way to do this! Just make sure that the invites don’t say ‘engagement party. so that they stay surprised.

8. And finally, your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life, so why not have an engagement party?