How to Find the Right Wedding Vendors

Photo credit: Eduardo Pavon
Photo credit: Eduardo Pavon via Flickr CC

Finding the right vendors for your wedding day can be a tricky process, especially as the vendors that you choose will ultimately be in control of making the vision of your big day a reality. It is important that you are able to have faith in your vendors and trust that they will deliver the quality service you have paid for.

Read on to find tips on finding your ideal vendors for your wedding!

Make sure that they understand your vision

It is important that you and your vendors are on the same wavelength and understand each other. If you start to share ideas with a potential vendor and they look confused, it may be time to part ways.

Ask for reviews

If possible ask for the contact details of a recent bride or groom client of theirs to get an honest opinion of their work.


It is important that you prioritise your vendors according to need and importance. If for instance you have found a photographer or florist that you have to have but they are more expensive than you would of liked, see if you can cut the budget on any other aspects of your big day.


If you recently attended a wedding and you loved the wedding cake, make sure that you ask the newly married couple which vendor they used and whether they would recommend them.

Blogs and Magazines

These are jam packed full of inspiration and vendors.

First impressions count

For vendors that you will be spending a considerable amount of time with make sure that you meet them in person before booking them. If they turn up late to your appointment and you didn’t like how pushy they were, now is the chance to cancel before your are tied to a contract.


Check out potential vendors websites, social media pages and blogs to see what kind of style they have. Social media sites such as Facebook will also have client reviews that you can look through.

Photo Credit: Vineet Verghese
Photo credit: Vineet Verghese via Flickr CC

When you’ve booked your Venue

Take a look at your venues preferred vendors list for inspiration, but don’t take their word for it and make sure that you still do your research.

Don’t settle

If your not happy with a chosen vendor, speak out. It may just be a simple miscommunication problem that can be easily fixed. If your still unhappy after, it may be time to part ways but make sure that you have read your contract fully as you may be charged a fee to cancel.

Know your budget

Be upfront and honest with your vendors about your budget. If you ask for a discount on the grounds of a small budget, then have a lavish reception; your vendor may be slightly annoyed as they may of cut into their profit margin considerably to do you a favour.

Say YES!

Once you have found your perfect vendors book them! Putting this off could result in them already being booked.