10 Hen Party ideas

Hen Do’s are often considered a right of passage for brides to be, as well as a last chance for them to let their hair down before going from a Miss to a Mrs. Hen Do’s are normally an all female event, however there are no set rules and anyone can be invited who is close to the bride.

As long as the bride is doing something that makes her happy surrounded by the people that she loves most, you cannot go wrong with organising a hen do. In case you need some ideas though, we have listed 10 popular Hen Do ideas for your inspiration. Please note that although this guide is aimed at hen parties, it is not gender specific and could also be used for Stag parties.

Visit a Spa

Photo credit: Spa by Dennis Wong
Photo credit Spa by Dennis Wong via Flickr CC

Spa breaks are one of my favourite things to do…EVER! Who doesn’t love being pampered with their best friends, eating canapés and sipping champagne in a dressing gown?

Admittedly Spa weekends are not for everyone, especially if the hens are likely feel self conscious.

Night out

Having a night out in town is one of the more common hen party activities and is a chance to let the bride and hens make some great memories before getting married.

Nights out could be anything from visiting the local pub to going to a big city with cocktails and renting a V.I.P room. It is important to book in advance incase the club refuses to accept any hen or stag parties on the night.

Go sightseeing

Photo credit: Dreamy London Eye by John Goode
Photo credit Dreamy London Eye by John Goode via Flickr CC

For culture lovers, a sightseeing trip could be ideal.  This could be absolutely anywhere the bride would like to visit: London, Scotland or even outside of the UK, the possibilities are endless.

Have a night in

For those who are on a budget or would simply prefer to stay at home, having a night in could be the perfect option!

Some ideas are throwing a movie night, play games, have a lingerie or perfume party, or have a spa therapist give you all beauty treatments.

Thrill seeking activity

Photo credit: SleepyCat Photography
Photo credit SleepyCat Photography via Flickr CC

If the hen party is full of dare devils and thrill seekers, then why not have an activity filled event? Some options include: Zorbing, paint paintballing, or even jumping out of an aeroplane!

Join a class & learn a skill

Have the bride or hens ever dreamt of learning to dance, or spending a day making chocolate? There is a class for both and much more! In fact, any class that you could possibly think of doing will most likely is available in hen party form so why not give a class a go? The hen party could even take a class to help the bride with DIY for the big day, such as making bunting or invitations.

Go out for a meal

Photo credit: Eastside Restaurant - Chocolate Cake by The Heathman Kirkland
Photo credit Eastside Restaurant – Chocolate Cake by The Heathman Kirkland via Flickr CC

Is the hen party full of foodies? Then going out for a meal could be the way to go!


Photo credit: Take One: Sarah's Hen Do by MsSaraKelly
Photo credit Take One: Sarah’s Hen Do by MsSaraKelly via Flickr CC

A photo-shoot for the bride and hens could be a great way to have fun, while creating lasting memories at the same time.

Travel Abroad

Photo credit: Holiday Inn Resort, Baruna, Bali by eGuide Travel
Photo credit Holiday Inn Resort, Baruna, Bali by eGuide Travel via Flickr CC

If the budget will allow it, why not look into going abroad for one last getaway for the bride before she says I Do? This could be the perfect way for everyone to unwind from all the wedding planning stress in the lead up to the big day!