How to Plan the Perfect Guest List

Photo Credit: Mandolin Invitations
Photo credit: Mandolin Invitations via Photopin CC

It’s not surprising that most couples when asked will admit that choosing and managing their guest list was one of the most stressful parts of planning their wedding planning.

Are you dreaming of a low-key wedding with just close family and friends but your work colleagues have asked you if they are invited? Maybe your family are paying for your wedding and their guest list (mainly of people who you barely know) is tipping you over boiling point? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on to see tips on how to get your guest list under control.

Guest List Tip Number One: Divide guest numbers equally on both sides of you and your partner’s families. Traditionally the Bride and Groom will be in control of 50% of the guest list, leaving their parents with 25% each. Try not to worry if one side is paying more than the other and by giving your families approximate numbers of how many guests they are allowed to invite will help for any unwanted surprises at a later date.

Guest List Tip Number Two: Organise your guest list and regain control. Having your guest list written down with easy access could really help to know how much flexibility you have with last minute additions to your guest list. This is also one of the features included within our wedding planner for iPad app. Check it out here.

Guest List Tip Number Three: Prioritise your guest list. When you start thinking of whom you would like to attend your wedding, the people that you consider most important to you should be at the top of the list. However, you may find that not every single guest will be able to attend your wedding, so create a side list of people that you would of liked to attend your wedding, but could not previously due to numbers. When you get back your RSVP’s you can then review your guest list and send out additional invites as and when needed.

Guest List Tip Number Four: Diminish confusion for your guests. It has been known for guests to add an additional name onto their RSVP when sending back their invitations. This could be a harmless mistake on your guest’s part. So make sure that you are adding the names of all guests invited within the wedding invite, to clear up any potential guest list questions. Including all guest names will also help guests with children to tell whether or not they will be able to bring them, if you are unsure of all of your child guests names, simply include children welcome on the RSVP and leave a space for their names to be added. Alternatively if you would prefer a childfree day, make sure that this is clear on the invitation.

Guest List Tip Number Five: Remember whose day it is. Your Nan might insist that you invite her neighbour neither of you or your partner have met, simply because she would love to see your dress but it is okay to say no, especially if your budget does not allow it. If money is the only issue your Nan might offer to pay for her additional guest, in which case everyone stays happy.

Guest List Tip Number Six: Plus one dilemmas. There are no set guidelines for adding plus ones to your guest list so should be down to you and your partner’s personal preference. You may decide that only people in long-term relationships are allowed to bring their significant other, which is acceptable. However, if you do have a guest who is single and does not know anyone else at the wedding, it might be a sweet gesture to offer him or her a plus one also. This way your guest will not feel left out and you do not need to worry about them enjoying the day. It is also worth noting that some guests may prefer to go alone to your wedding so that they can meet new people, a single groomsman or bridesmaid perhaps?



If you have decided to follow these tips when planning your wedding, then your guest list should fingers crossed be a breeze! Once again we would like to say a massive congratulations to you and your partner on your engagement and we hope that you have a fabulous time planning your big day!